Gradle Compatibility

When you are going to create your android flutter app, you must notice that your Gradle version is compatible with your android Gradle Plugin.

You can find the Gradle plugin in the dependencies as a classpath in the android folder in android studio.

You can find the Gradle version in this path: android<gradle<wrapper<

Here is the android Gradle plugin and Gradle version compatibility table:

Gradle version and Gradle plugin compatibility table

Gradle is an open-source build automation tool that is designed to build different types of software.

When your Gradle version is not compatible with Gradle plugin you will face errors such as:

"plugin with id '' not found".

I faced this error when I was installing firestore in my app😥.

Hope this post helps you🙆‍♀️ and if you find this article useful you can share the link of this page with your friends.




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Data scientist in pharmaceutical, medical industries | Chemist

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